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American Le Mans race @ Sears Point

This weekend is the American Le Mans series race at Sears Point.
I was planning to go but couldn't due to other engagements, and
was feeling left out, but just got email from a good friend who
did go, and this is an excerpt of what he said:

 "Spent all day at Sears Point for the qualifying races, and I wanted to
 let you know that the Audi team wasn't there!  There weren't any Audis
 listed in the program, either, so I'm assuming they decided to skip this
 race.  So, no Audi pictures -- just more of the usual Porches, R&S
 Fords, Ferrari 333SP's, Vipers, BMW's, etc.  Plus the Judd V-10 powered
 LMP, the BMW LMP (that won LeMans this year) and a couple Chevy-powered
 LMP's.  Guess it's a good thing you didn't go; the lack of Audis would
 have been disappointing."

He is quite right!  Although I would have enjoyed the event anyway,
without Audi's Le Mans racers it just wouldn't be the same.  I don't
feel so bad for missing it now...

I wonder if Absence of Audi is a last minute decision.  The radio
commercial I heard about this event just a few days ago prominently
mentioned BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi...

Now the question is whether Audi would be there for the Laguna Seca
event in Octover.

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