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Visual experiences

Saw/nosed around the TT  "in the tin"  for the first time this morning.
It's newly on display outside the local dealership.  Must have arrived
Saturday afternoon because I go past there each morning on my way to give
my father a bed-bath, and today's the first time I'd seen it.  

I can understand why all you younger folk get a little "rush" from the car,
kind of similar to when I bought my Karmann Ghia ragtop more than 30 years
ago.  To me, the TT looks like what you'd get if you stepped on one of the
new VW bugs.

Hidden away behind the dealership is a Coupe GT.  Believe it or not, this
is the first time I've had a chance to walk around and examine one of these
up close.   I've seen lots of 80-90 two-doors, but never a Coupe GT except
in photos.  Is this what an Ur-Quattro looks like?  

Since only one of the rear doors on my '86 4kcsq is marginally operational,
viewing the GT makes me think I should sheet-metal over those doors,  get
some Coupe front seats to give access to the rear seat and find a way to
incorporate the rear hatch.   The only panel below the windows that doesn't
have a lot of rust on mine is the right front fender.  It's kind of
interesting that my 4k has so much body rust (even holes in much of the
rear tin), while my wife's has only a couple surface rust spots.  They're
both closing in of 175k miles. 

Kneale Brownson