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Re: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

> norm in Boston.  Maybe it is just you lazy Yankees who can't wait for a
> light.  Also here in Greenville NC, we have some lights that if you are the

hey, it's not because we're lazy, it's because WE'RE IN A F*IN' HURRY

you slow southern bubba's are the ones who are lazy ;^)

>  I frequently have to wait (and I do wait) 5 mins for the light to turn
> green.  This wastes gas and causes unnecessayr greenhouse gas emission
> (something else you are all worked up about, too, I bet)

although often late at night they have those active lights that sense when a
car arrives at the intersection and then switches it for you, particularly if
you are coming from the street with less traffic.  sounds great and in a car it
usually is, but  have you ever been a motorcycle rider?  there apparently isn't
enough mass in the MC to trigger the light so you can wait for an hour and it
won't go green for you.  until i suppose, the morning when it finally kicks
back into timed mode.  you're basically forced to either run the light, or wait
for a car/truck to arrive either going or coming from your direction.  BTDT
many times...