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Audi exclusive Sept '99 EC issue

those of you who are not subbed to the EC might want to go to the
nearest Barns & Noble and secure his issue while they last. 90% of the
mag is dedicated to Audi in commemoration of its 100th anniversary.

-Eibach TT
-UrS4/S6 super buy #4

A few side notes:
Have anyone noticed the total lack of lister's names amongst the
gazillion of Audi enthusiast's cars depicted in Personals and throughout
the mag? What are we as a group doing wrong that we remain so blissfully
unknown in the [tight enough] Audi enthusiast circle here in the States?

Have anyone noticed that the pix of the UrS4 interior were not of the
S4? They were not even those of the elongated teardrop shaped torpedo of
a '89-'91 200TQ. Instead they show the square boxed instrument cluster
of a 5000cs with black dials. Oh, and the seats are not the S, they are
of the older "5000cs/200" bolstered Sport version.

Also, the author thinks that the steering wheel in the S-cars is
electrically adjustable in tilt and telescope. Hello(!)... Audi is not a

Oh, and he without blinking an eye cautions against buying a modified
car coz for him modified == abused to hell. I guess now most of us will
have a hard time selling our cars coz everyone will know that Big Reds,
Eibachs, Bilstein Sports, Eurolights and boost controllers are
synonymous to trashing the perfectly good OEM stocker car. The guy
obviously heeds a reality check.

Apart from the above minor glitches the issue is definitely worth adding
to one's collection of Audi literature.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.