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RE: ford granada car-o-scope (no audi content)

I've come to the conclusion that after reading all your Car-O-Scope 
responses that this software program is a secret plot by Ford to bring back 
the Granada model.  They are placing the Granada name subliminally in your 
minds for all time.

Twenty years from now, you will all be driving Granada's with whitewalls. 
 Dan will host the Granada List which we will exchange information on 
modifying your Granada.

Ford will even change its name to the Genuine Granada Company of America. 
 They will have Granada key chains, hats, coffee mugs, t-shirts and for the 
diehard Granada enthusiasts, the Genuine Granada Factory Service Manuals 
and the complete unadulterated Granada home video series.

Haven't you driven your Granada lately...will be the slogan of the next 

Gentlemen...place your orders.


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after huw asked what a car-o-scope for somebody who drove a ford granada
would be, i tried it.  their words:

you picked a vehicle which is just
about perfect for you. Congratulations! For example,
when compared to other people who own a Ford
Granada, you're just about the same in terms of your
educational level, the extent to which you're a
cheapskate, and status consciousness.

that's the same thing they said about my quatt and i.

here's the list they gave me.

Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More
               Compatible Vehicles

1.ford granada
2.MG Midget
3.Triumph TR4
4.Land Rover S2A
5.Volkswagen Bus

hmm, something's fishy about this car-o-scope...

sorry 'bout the BW.

trading in my 80Q for a Mark II ford granada estate 2.8