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Bentley in Hand + Watefest Pics Coming Soon

    I got a Bentley!  I will no longer be poking around for full out
instructions on simple jobs.  Got it for $100 even at Waterfest.
    Waterfest pictures of mostly Audis, I mean A4's, will be on my website
soon.  Weak showing for the older Audis, one S6.  The rest A4's, although
they were rather nice.  Oh yeah a TT too, beauty of a car.  Too bad I didn't
meet any listers formally, but hey there were a ton of people there.  Saw
some nice Audis in the lot: Silver 90 B4 w/ Hock R's, 5000s w/A4 rims, silly
looking S4/6 in red with writing on the rear bumper, grey 90 TYP89 w/ 5
spoke rims...  Got pics of all!  Anyone want them personally I can send them


    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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