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Re: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

"George W. Selby, III" wrote:

> are under it.  Since there is no standardized yellow time, you have to
> guess at every stoplight.
> Why don't they spend some of the money on improving the signals.

There is a simple solution which has been in use in Russia ever since I
remember myself:
The green light blinks four times with the frequency of 1Hz before
turning red hence giving you the additional, so needed 5 sec for the
decision making. You can see it from far away and adjust your speed
accordingly. The yellow light does not catch you by surprise. Ever.
Up to this day, after having been driving for 10 years here in the
States, I am still uncomfortable at most intersections:
-"OK, the light has been green for a while now. Will I make it? No, I'd
better slow down. No, I'll make it... no, I won't...accelerate...no,
brake... etc." Has anyone ever noticed that in America, and only in
America, people slow down and hit the brakes right before entering the
intersection with the green light. Kinda tempts you to yell: -Hey, why
are you braking? It's not gonna get any greener than that!

> The actual theory is people are going to mistakenly run yellow/red lights
> from now to eternity, so we might as well capitalize on it.  In the city
> council discussions safety was barely mentioned, it was just how much money
> can we get.

Exactly! Like I said before, it's all about money. Most horrible
accidents that I've seen in the States had happened on intersections.
Take the friggin puzzle out of the traffic light related decision
making, install the blinking green lights and a lot of lives will be
saved! And it is cheap too. What, they can't install an additional $0.20
flip-flop chip and a couple of transistors in the traffic light brain?
Gimme a break! Naaah, we'd rather install a hundred dollar video camera
and start collecting fines.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.