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Fuel Pump

I think my fuel pump has just given me first notice of its intention to
fail soon.

The car is an 89 100q with just under 180,000 miles on it.

It has had the typical buzzy fuel pump for quite some time.  Same pitch,
never changes its sound.

today I found myself in Milwaukee on an errand and decided to slide by the
Audi dealer to see what was on the lot.  Turned the car off, walked around
for a bit--nothing really exciting in stock---got back in the car, started
it up, and it sounded like a bushel of angry bees.  Really noisy--by a
factor of 4 or 5 over the usual sound.

Took all the back roads home the 25 miles from the dealership so in case
it died I'd be out of the way and not stranded on I-94.

Car is in te driveway.

Dont know what else it could be other than the fuel pump given the
location of the sound.

Any ideas how much time is left before it quits.  Trying to decide on
whether or not to take it to work on Monday and run the risk of it
quitting or jsut letting it sit in the driveway until the new pump arrives
and then drive it over to my mechanic.

Wisdom and observations gratefully appreciated.

Bill Murin
89 100q

"would 'ya turn down the fuel pump, I can't hear the radio"