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Motor mount bolt- exhaust side

I am struggling to remove the passenger side motor mount from an '83 Urq. I 
have so far found no way to get sufficient torque on it. It is rusted and I'm 
afraid I will need to remove both manifolds to get it off. The nut is a nylok 
type locking nut, and therefore has a rounded crown for a top. Vertical side 
walls of the nut are short, and the threaded shank is quite long with very 
low top clearance meaning a 1/2" drive 6 pt socket will not work. I've tried 
a crowfoot, stubby open-end/box combo, and a 
Snap-On 6 pt box end.
Any BTDT advice, or should I just start pulling the manifolds?

Dennis Graber
Aurora, Colo.