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Fw: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

wait, wait, WAIT....

Why more rear-enders???
The light turns yellow and everyone stops for
the forthcoming red light.
Just as we're supposed to.  Where is the problem
with obeying the law?
If you're in such a hurry, leave home earlier...


 - Doug

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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 12:28 PM
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|In a message dated 7/25/99 9:51:18 AM Pacific
Daylight Time,
|IsuzuG@prodigy.net writes:
|> I am not opposed to policemen watching
intersections, and pulling violators
|>  who actually committed a crime, in fact I
feel this would be a far more
|>  productive use of their time than catching
|I have to agree with this post 100%.  Our Govt.
is mostly talking about how
|much money they will make and not really
looking at the issues.  I feel that,
|yes, less people will be running red lights
with the cameras, but there WILL
|be more rear enders from people who tailgate
and the people who miscounted
|and had to slam on the brakes hard.  So what
next?  Setup cameras for the
|tailgaters near a intersection?  More tax
payers money and more unnessary
|tickets that don't help the community.  JMHO.
|Jason C