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Re: was ENRADD, now about driving

Art4@aol.com wrote:
> Why is it when the so called people who are in quote "WE'RE IN A F*IN' HURRY
> GETOUTAMYWAY!!!!!!" , come down here to visit us in the south, say the
> beaches and other things the north tends not to have(at least clean white
> sandy ones)

Visit?  Hell, we're invading you folks.  And BTW, what _you_ have is an
abundance of warm weather.  Your sandy beaches are strewn with empty
Coke cans and the snake tracks - honest to God, they have beach snakes
down there.

>  drive like my freaking grandmother(no harm intended to her
> blessed old soul).  

Is your Grandma the "little old lady from Pasadena"?


> And when traveling up north or in other countries I will stay with
> the flow of traffic if not I tend to drive faster.  If I don't know
> where I am, I do not slow down to ten miles per hour and start
> rubbernecking trying to find out where I am going. I will circle the 
> area and come back by.

Art, you're really giving the  women somethin' to bitch about.  
Ever here of asking for directions?

> I know I am not a perfect driver, but hell the ones of you bitching
> and saying some of the shi**y things I have read  in the past, 
> probably should not be saying what you are saying either.

Voltaire said (although some say he didn't - say it), "I may not agree
with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to speak
it!"  My addition is, even if I'm not exactly sure what you said.

To settle this once and for all, how about we meet somewhere along your
lovely Piedmont Coast and have a crab eatin'/beer drinkin' contest.  My
suggestion is Atlantic Beach, NC. - BTDT in the USMCR.

How about we try that for the list?
Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy