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Re: was ENRADD, now about driving

Art -


you got that was a joke, right?

like as in ;^) means wink wink ha ha laugh don't take it seriously.

like as in, George started a friendly-all-in-good-humor jab at yankees, and i
returned a friendly jab at the south as well as a bigger jab at my yankee self.

relax my friend, everything is going to be OK.


Art4@aol.com wrote:

> Why is it when the so called people who are in quote "WE'RE IN A F*IN' HURRY
> GETOUTAMYWAY!!!!!!" , come down here to visit us in the south, say the
> beaches and other things the north tends not to have(at least clean white
> sandy ones), drive like my freaking grandmother(no harm intended to her
> blessed old soul).  You weary travelers act as if you lost your driving
> skills and intellect as you crossed each of the state's borders.  I know this
> does not apply to some of the people out there, but I hear all this bitching
> about how slow and easy we drive in the south, it is you f***ing tourists we
> all seem to hate(if you could take a brainrot pill just before vacationing,
> it would kindly help) "The first memory that comes to mind was when a family
> was camping(yes this means a tent) around of the local beaches and a
> hurricane was due to hit w/in 10-12 hrs.  The question "do you think if is
> safe to stay where we are or should we pack it up?" I wanted to say no please
> stay, humankind does not need your genes anymore. NOt wanting to ruin their
> vaction but DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
> And when traveling up north or in other countries I will stay with the flow
> of traffic if not I tend to drive faster.  If I don't know where I am, I do
> not slow down to ten miles per hour and start rubbernecking trying to find
> out where I am going. I will circle the area and come back by. I know I am
> not a perfect driver, but hell the ones of you bitching and saying some of
> the shi**y things I have read in the past, probably should not be saying what
> you are saying either.



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