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Re: circle Q stickers...TAKEN!!!!!

Are you sure it's not "Qatar"?  It's a small, wealthy Arab penninsula.  

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


On Sun, 25 Jul 1999 21:50:24 -0400 "ericaugustyn" <raudi@rcn.com> writes:
>umm, did a little research on getting the Q sticker and found this 
>it has def's for all country letters.
>guess what, Q is taken.
>Q       Quatar  -  1972  -->
>and it is *offical*. whatever that means.
>where the hell is Quatar?
>maybe a lower case  q for listers? not many of us own ur-Quattros 
>while the
>rest of us only have quattros.
>i'll check out the printers near me for a 4.5 x 3 inch oval.
>it would be nice to stand out a little to other listers.
>250 should cost something like 66 USD.  but it might be different for 
>sorry about the BW congestion.
>ps.  go to http://raudi.com/circleq.jpg in the morning (EST) for the 
>Eric Augustyn!
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>03 TTq
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