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Re: '00 S4 Wheels

Fringe Ryder writes:
> I have an S4 on order, and will supposedly see it before mid October.  I
> also have an S4 brochure.  It mentions that the wheels are 17x8 cast-alloy
> six-spoke Avus design.  Huh?
> I like the look of the 5-spoke wheels on my '97 A4Q 2.8.  I don't much like
> the look of the newer A4 wheels.  The brochure has lots of pics of the S4,
> all in motion (can't ever see the spokes.)  Are these pups ugly?  

IMHO the new S4 Avus wheels are very nice.  Other cars that came stock
with that style of wheel (in various sizes) are the S8, 95.5 S6, and of
course the Avus show car itself (amongst others, I think).

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