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Re: Fw: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

> along those lines, what hasn't been pointed out in this discussion
> (unless it was while i was hatching insidious plots against our southern
> brethern), is that strictly the law is usually you can only proceed if
> the light turned yellow _while_you_were_in_ the intersection.  of course
> no one does that, but it's the theory at any rate.

Well, as I said, check your local laws.  For example (WA State):

(2) Steady yellow indication

(a) Vehicle operators facing a steady circular yellow or yellow arrow signal are thereby warned that the related green
movement is being terminated or that a red indication will be exhibited immediately thereafter when vehicular traffic shall not
enter the intersection.  Vehicle operators shall stop for pedestrians who are lawfully within the intersection control area as
required by RCW 46.61.235(1).