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RE: strut job


You will need a special tool to undo the strut top mounting nut, could be the same as your Rabbit (Golf over in Euro land), I think the axle nut is 30mm it is my '85 Coupe Q.



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		Subject:	strut job

		well, i took the money i saved buying my suspension from GPR and bought a 
		bentley manual.  only problem is that it has to be shipped from somewhere 
		andblah blah blah.  summary:  i won't get it in time for my strut job.  
		that is where you, my fellow listers (hopefully!) come in.  i would 
		_really_ appreciate it if you would answer some questions regarding this 
		job for me.  i will be replacing all struts, springs, strut bearings, 
		mounts, bump stops plus the front control arms (bushings pressed in 
		already) on my 1990 80q.

		1.  what special tools do i need for the jobs?  i know that on my rabbit i 
		need a special socket to access the top strut mounting nut.  is that the 
		case for the audi?  please say no.  also, what size are the axle spindle 
		nuts on my car?

		2.  does anybody know the torque specs for the control arm bolts, axle 
		spindle nuts,  and various suspension nuts that i will encounter along 
		the way?

		if somebody would be willing, it might be easier to fax/fedex (using my 
		account, of course) xeroxed bentley pages.  that would cover all of my 
		questions i think.  i know that this is a beefy question, and i realy 
		appreciate your help.  thanks.

		-joe brown
		1990 80q - 138k