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RE: Modine Radiator for 1986 5000cstq

I just put a Modine in my 5kcstq a few weeks ago. I can get you the part #
tomorrow. It cost $159.

Gary Kaklikian
86 5kcstq
86 4kcstq

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Subject: Modine Radiator for 1986 5000cstq

  Some radiator questions:
  Does anyone know the Modine part number for an all copper 
  radiator for my 1986 5000cstq?
  Is it the same as the radiator in the Naturally Aspirated 
  Non-Quattro 5000 for 86-88? The Modine book only shows the 
  NA fwd 5000 for 86-88.
  Is there a brand which is preferable to Modine for an all 
  copper radiator for the 86 5000tq?
  Do I have to make any modifications to whatever radiator I 
  get to make it fit the 86 5000tq?
  Eric R. Kissell 1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar