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Re: California and florida License Plates??

Anand Dhanda writes:
> Well with a possible move to california or florida within the next 6-7 weeks
> I was wondering if any Cali or Florida listers could tell me if you are
> REQUIRED to have a front license plate... I just bought a german one and
> would much rather display that than a normal one.

Yes, California does require a front plate.  A good friend of mine
was recently pulled over and issued a ticket for not having one
on his car.  He was able to have the ticket written off at a police
station after reinstalling the front plate and showing it to an officer.

That said, I don't have a front plate on any of my cars and I see lots
of other cars without one.  Never had a problem.  My friend was just
plain unlucky.  I also often see cars with a non-standard plate up
front (Euro plate, or some other logo) so you wouldn't be the first.

Just cross your fingers and hope that a cop with nothing better to do
won't find you some day.

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