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Red Lights, was ENRADD

Igor said;

> "George W. Selby, III" wrote:
> > are under it.  Since there is no standardized yellow time, you have to
> > guess at every stoplight.
> [...]
> > Why don't they spend some of the money on improving the signals.
> Most horrible
> accidents that I've seen in the States had happened on intersections.
> Take the friggin puzzle out of the traffic light related decision
> making, install the blinking green lights and a lot of lives will be
> saved! And it is cheap too. 
This morning on the way to work I was being followed by a kid (teens, early
20's) in a new (98ish) Accord.  You know the type, lowered, big chrome rims,
HUGE muffler, Vtec stickers all over it.  We come to an intersection, light
turns yellow.  I brake, I hear him jump on it.  Too late, he realizes I'm
not going through the light, he stands on the brakes, 4 wheel lock up (don't
those things have abs??  My wifes 91 Accord does...).  I look in my rearview
and see he isn't going to make it, and the moron doesn't have the sense to
move into a different lane to avoid hitting me, so I look both ways and see
traffic isn't moving (they are still under red) so I began to ease out into
the intersection (I wasn't completely stopped).  Idiot is still locked up,
so I ease some more.  I notice I'm a third of the way out, I say f@#K it,
and hammer the throttle and blow through a now very red intersection.  Thank
god the folks entering the intersection were watching this or I mighta been
t-boned, which is definitely worse than being rear ended.  And thank god for
the K-24 turbo.  No lag is a beautiful thing.

BTW, I was doing the speed limit when this happened.  The Accord ended up
completly over the cross walk.  My first thought was there is never a cop
when you need one, second thought was he probably would have ticketed me for
running the red light...

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock 
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