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Re: California and florida License Plates??

Ti Kan decided to speak these words:

>Yes, California does require a front plate.  A good friend of mine
>was recently pulled over and issued a ticket for not having one
>on his car.  He was able to have the ticket written off at a police
>station after reinstalling the front plate and showing it to an officer.

Well, i refuse to install one on my UrQ.  I got stopped once and was 
issued a ticket.  I then proceded to bend my extra license plate in half, 
wedge it up under the bumper cover between the bumper itself and the 
bumper so that half was inside and the other half hung down.  I then used 
racers tape to hold it in place while i drove to find a police officer to 
sign off on it.  He looked at it, signed off on it, and i took off.  Once 
i turned the corner, i immediately removed it again and now keep it in my 
trunk for future use.  Next time i will just say, i have it officer, but 
it fell off recently and i havent been able to reinstall it.

If you get a ticket, its just a fix it ticket that has something like a 
10 dollar processing fee....i would rather have one of those every couple 
years than have to go around with an ugly front license plate....