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Re: Do Audis have "drive-by-wire" gas pedals?

In message <012701bed783$5be87080$4d160d0a@powks15> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> Almost all 1999 and newer Audis have what they refer to as E-gas.  It was
> first launched on the TDI's but is now in everything from the normally
> aspirated 1.8 20V upwards.  I think the 100hp 1.6 still has to do with a
> traditional cable linkage.
> It challenges the tuners, for sure, but is rewarding to those with the kn> ow
> how and the resources to make it work and take advantage of it...no probl> ems
> for the likes of MTM, Abt etc.  I've read that some tuners are having
> trouble with them, but then again not_all_tuners are alike.

If no one else is going to comment - I will.

Be particularly cautious about fitting a PES (Performance Engineering
Services) supercharger kit to any Audi unless they can provide an
appropriate chip in advance.  I've no doubt that the kit works for some
cars, but being a constant-boost device (belt driven from the crank)
it needs some rather different management logic than a standard
variable-boost turbo and wastegate combination.  They have apparently
promised to adapt their package for drive-by-wire - they have to, if
they're going to stay in business for the long term.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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