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Re: Red Lights, was ENRADD

this kinda reminds me of  the kid the killed somebody last year about this
time... he was in some type of accord/Honda/whatever, and ran into a
pedestrian.... he was taken into custody but the news interviewed his friend
that was with him and did the work on his car, I think the guy was quoted at
saying "Yeah it was modified but nothing that makes it illegal" as the
camera zooms in on the interior of the car and we see a huge boost gauge and
a nitrous bottle... Hmmmm

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Subject: Red Lights, was ENRADD

> Igor said;
> > "George W. Selby, III" wrote:
> >
> > > are under it.  Since there is no standardized yellow time, you have to
> > > guess at every stoplight.
> > [...]
> > > Why don't they spend some of the money on improving the signals.
> >
> Snip
> > Most horrible
> > accidents that I've seen in the States had happened on intersections.
> > Take the friggin puzzle out of the traffic light related decision
> > making, install the blinking green lights and a lot of lives will be
> > saved! And it is cheap too.
> >
> This morning on the way to work I was being followed by a kid (teens,
> 20's) in a new (98ish) Accord.  You know the type, lowered, big chrome
> HUGE muffler, Vtec stickers all over it.  We come to an intersection,
> turns yellow.  I brake, I hear him jump on it.  Too late, he realizes I'm
> not going through the light, he stands on the brakes, 4 wheel lock up
> those things have abs??  My wifes 91 Accord does...).  I look in my
> and see he isn't going to make it, and the moron doesn't have the sense to
> move into a different lane to avoid hitting me, so I look both ways and
> traffic isn't moving (they are still under red) so I began to ease out
> the intersection (I wasn't completely stopped).  Idiot is still locked up,
> so I ease some more.  I notice I'm a third of the way out, I say f@#K it,
> and hammer the throttle and blow through a now very red intersection.
> god the folks entering the intersection were watching this or I mighta
> t-boned, which is definitely worse than being rear ended.  And thank god
> the K-24 turbo.  No lag is a beautiful thing.
> BTW, I was doing the speed limit when this happened.  The Accord ended up
> completly over the cross walk.  My first thought was there is never a cop
> when you need one, second thought was he probably would have ticketed me
> running the red light...
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