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Re: rayjay turbochargers

Rayjay turbos were an old, not particularly effecient turbo based on old designs. They were purchased by Consolidated Fuel Systems recently, howvwer, they are only continuing the aircraft line. Parts are getting hard to get a hold of for the old units. As far as being better than a stock KKK, it's debatable. The reason they did not need a wastegate was because it did not build much boost down low- a sign of an inefficient turbo or poorly designed kit. A turbo that spools up quickly will give you lots of torque down low, but will definetely need a waste gate to control overboosting at high rpms. Besides the hassle of making manifolds, etc., you wont get as good as results as using the 5KTQ parts. Now, if you want a trick turbo, we have T3//T4 hybrids with a ceramic bearing center section that will bolt directly on to stock manifolds-that would be a much better way to go. HTH\
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