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Re: VIN Decoder

> >Very slick presentation!  However some of us have the resolution on our
> >screens set lower than you created it in.  Putting the images in a table
> >should solve the problem. 

(thanks!) After all the time I spent on my other images etc making sure
even 640 x 480 would be sufficient to see them, on the one file where
you can't possibly scroll down (since when the mouse leaves the vin the
instructions come back on) I made it too large...

I could delete the MouseOut, or whatever it was called, line, then each
"sub image" would stay no matter where you move your mouse, until it
hits another part of the vin.  Or I could have made everything smaller. 
I will experiment with smaller or different shape images in time.


> > Also, it doesn't accurately refelect the VIN
> >on my 95 90 sport quattro.  I have exhaustivly researched its vin and we
> >that's one thing I know for sure.

the data I used I have not researched myself.  They were posted by
someone a couple of years ago, I just saved the file at the time.

I suppose I am now contemplating trying to find accurate sources to
correct it.

One option would be to set up a reporting form on the site to collect
VIN data.  Crude, but maybe it would help.

Anyone know the best place(s) to go to find this information?

PS this was of course mostly an experiment in the image swapping script
I "borrowed".

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT