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Re: California and florida License Plates??

Any Minnesota listers.  Just for the record.  I know from experience that
Minnesota requires front plates.  It is NOT a fix-it ticket,  it is 40 some
dollar fine.  I received a ticket on my windshield of my Audi when I was street
parked in front of my house.  It was given by one of those parking meter police
on the scooters.  Ouch!


"Buchholz, Steven" wrote:

> > Just cross your fingers and hope that a cop with nothing better to do
> > won't find you some day.
> >
> ... with the proliferation of photo RADAR and red light cameras some
> municipalities are cracking down on the law mandating the use of the front
> plates.  From what I hear, the town of Milpitas CA is doing this to a
> degree.
> This thread reminds me of a time I was driving the urq from El Paso, Texas
> to Appleton, Minnesota.  The car has yet to have front plates installed
> (they're in the trunk at all times).  As we were driving through one of the
> plains states (Oklahoma or Kansas I think) we noticed that a lot of people
> were waving at us as we passed each other on the 2-lane highway.  My brother
> and I couldn't figure why so many people were waving ... eventually we
> decided that the cars from the state didn't have front plates, so we figured
> that they thought we were from the state as well and waved!  We never had a
> chance to confirm this, but there wasn't much else that would tend to
> explain it ...
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)