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Divorce and Fraudulent Conveyances

Someone wrote:  

"...reminds of a similar one a guy I used know was in a few years back. He
had an E-Type Jag, Triumph Stag and old British bike. Now his wife (they
were divorcing) wanted the cars as part of the settlement, so what he did
was to transfer ownership of the cars to a couple of his friends, who then
stored the cars for him, whilst the divorce went through. Afterwards his
friends transferred ownership  back to him, he was like a dog with two
tails needless to say."

This does_NOT_work.  The other side and the judge would both need to be
brain dead for this ploy to be successful.  Do not do this!  It has other
dangers and problems that I can't be bothered to explain here.  This
reinforces the warning about not believing everything you read on the

Also, please do not repeat the urban legend about the new MB SL roadster
(or other expensive car) for sale for $500 or bo by an embittered wife
selling it for her departing husband told her to sell it for best offer.