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Maintenance 5kt - Feeling Smug

I did a bunch of maintenance on the 5KT this weekend.  Accomplished a lot so 
I'm feeling pretty smug!!!

Replaced the timing belt, timing belt idler pulley, water pump, crankshaft 
and camshaft seals, thermostat and all the V-belts.  I used the crankshaft 
locking tool & wrench extender (Baum) and a  inch drive torque wrench 
(Harbor) for the first time.  Worked VERY well.  Parts came from Autobahn 
Performance.  It took two tries on the camshaft seal - rolled the lip over on 
the first try.  The idler and water pump were both noisy and the engine is 
now noticeably quieter.

The camshaft bolt was very difficult to remove.  I must have used red 
locktite the last time. 

Repaired the auto check system.  The oil pressure light and chime would come 
on as soon as I turned on the ignition and it would not do the check 
sequence.  After a difficult trouble shoot found the low range oil pressure 
switch to be bad.  

The RF power window had quit but I was able to trace it to a slipped 
connector at the RF power window master switch in the drivers door. 

84 Olympic 150K
95 S6 37k