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Re: qatar

How about one of our DC members contacting the Qatari Embassy?  They might
be able to provide a source or at least some info.  Then again...


At 06:28 PM 7/26/99 -0400, jab86@cornell.edu wrote:
>i think that this qatar thing is quite fortuitous.  if there is a country 
>that already uses the circle q, then that means that there is already 
>somebody who makes the circle q.  ergo, we don't have to have them 
>fabricated.  i think that it would be a pretty safe bet that any audi you 
>see with a circle q on it will be a lister.  worst case, you make some 
>friends from qatar.  anybody know where to get these type of stickers?
>1990 80 qatar
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