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Re: rayjay turbocharger

jab86@cornell.edu decided to speak these words:

>er...wow.  i guess you have just done the equivalent of tying me to my 
>ship's mast.  thanks.  i will still look into it tho - just for 
>curiosity's sake.  thanks again.

Well, for you and for everyone's sake i do have a friend who is in the 
process of designing a tubular header system for the 10v turbo engines.  
it will be a 321 stainless system with flex joints and ultra strong 
flanges, backed by a lifetime guarantee.  it will be integral with a 3" 

That is about all i can say right now, it will be expensive as all hell, 
but it will be a REAL performance upgrade with a ton of potential built 
in and will NEVER have to be replaced again....im going to do it....

just thought i would share what i can right now...3