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Re: Removal of door window

> Any tips on removing the door glass from my 87 4kq? Trying to replace the
> motor/regulator assembly, but the glass seems to be firmly connected. Also,
> the window is up (it's broken). Do I really need to get it down to perform?
> If so, how?

the glass should have a metal bracket glued really well to the bottom of
it.  this bracket unbolts from the cable bracket.  then, if it is at all
like the coupe, you should be able to slide it up and out of the door,
with a little cursing and fuming.  i think i decided that tilting it
inwards was easiest. or was it outwards?  it was a small pita either
way, but I did it.

to do this, you have to reach those two bolts - I don't know if the reg
will be in the way, if it is, remove it as well.  Two bolts top, two
bottom, three at the motor, and the wire connector (inside the car! -
dumb change Audi!)

Duct tape can be useful here, to hold the window and prevent
accidentally dropping it into the door while pulling the reg.  But it's
pretty hard to break...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT