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Re: ur-q wont crank

In a message dated 7/26/99 8:22:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, munrof@isys.ca 

<< Then check that the starter solenoid works
 by jumpering power to the solenoid coil terminal ( I assume you don't hear
 clicks when you try to start the car - if you do that is the solenoid
 activating which tells you the ignition switch is working and the solenoid
 is pulling in). If the solenoid clicks when jumpered but not when the
 ignition switch is turned, check the switch and wiring. >>

If you are worried about appling 12 volts where it doesn't belong, you can 
use a volt meter. Connect the positive lead of the meter to the positive side 
of the solenoid and the negative side to a good ground. Have someone turn the 
key to the start position, and if your switch is good, you will read 12v. 
Next connect the pos side of the meter to the neg side of the solenoid( may 
not be accessible?). Repeat above. Voltage should remain zero. If it goes to 
12v, you have a ground missing. If the above checks are good, and the 
solenoid "clicks" but the starter doesn't turn, either the contacts in the 
solenoid are bad, you do not have good connection from the battery to the 
high amp terminal of the solenoid , or your starter is bad. HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8
1998 A8