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Re: qatar

At 09:54 PM 7/26/99 -0400, Huw Powell wrote:
>> >> How about one of our DC members contacting the Qatari Embassy?  They
>> >> be able to provide a source or at least some info.  Then again...
>> >
>> >Any of those stores with all kinds of miscellaneous junk ("boutiques")
>> >would tend to have this stuff.  Maybe some auto supply stores too.
>> >
>> >Try tourist trap type areas, tourists have money to burn so there are
>> >always "boutiques" selling mucho junk in those areas.
>> Quite obviously you do not live in southern WV, Huw.  Qatar?  Whut's a
>> Qatar?  Huh?  Yew say "boutique"?  Whut's thet?
>I said "tourist traps" not "rural slums".  Around here, they're usually
>only 10-15 miles apart.  Sometimes only a few blocks...
>For instance, where I live, at least my building, would certainly be
>considered a rural slum.
>And just up the road we have a NASCAR track (oops, I guess we haven't
>gone far enough yet), a Nudist Colony (still not far enough!), then
>Antonio's Drive In (this isn't working!), geez I think I get your
>You guys have that "electrikity" stuff in WV yet?

Yup.  Sometimes...  Cep'n when it rains sometahms.  Ain't been wifout it
since a week yistiday.

Dun figgered out Qatar, though.  Tew dahms n a knuckle.  :-)

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