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RE: LT-1

> This reminds me of what else I saw on Saturday ... a Scat V4.  This is an 
> aluminum block engine that's been scaled down from a small-block 
> Chevy V8 to 
> only four cylinders ... this one displaces 3.3L and is used in a desert 
> racer.  It uses all standard Chevy components and accessories but 
> weighs just 
> over 200 pounds!!!  The owner says it puts out almost 300hp in 
> its present 
> state of tune and almost as many foot-pounds of torque ... the 
> only drawback 
> is the price, which is in the five-figure range.  Sounds like 
> this would make 
> the perfect engine for an Audi swap since it will use the Kennedy tranny 
> adapter, is shorter than a full V8 (lots of room for the radiator 
> up front) 
> and is considerably lighter than even the stock motor ... it also 
> runs a dry 
> sump, which would prevent having to hack up the front subframe.  Hmmm...

I'm sure a Harley V-twin is smooth by comparison.

Paul Wilson