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type 44 windshield interchangeability


Here's another little question for the group.

My '91 200q has a cracked windshield - a little distracting driving around 
in the sun.

I happen to know of a totally trashed 85 5kt parts car with, surprisingly 
enough, a nicely intact windshield.

Yes, the VIN window is in a different place - newer one is close to 
A-pillar, older one is more under driver's wiper. Let's say I scrape the 
paint (that's all it is, right?) on the inside of the older windshield so 
my VIN would be visible. And the newer windshield has an antenna, which I 
am not currently using anyway thanks to a successful Bose-ectomy.

The question(s): do professional glass installers have any better luck 
removing glued-in windshields than the low rates reported here for DIYer's? 
Are these glass pieces as dimensionally similar as they seem - would the 
old one fit in the new car? Transport isn't much of a problem as only about 
30 feet currently separate the two vehicles. Parts car is in the hands of a 
private individual, think I can get a pretty good deal...

Do this, don't dare do this? Any opinions?

TIA yet again,
Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 105k, needs a wash and window tint as well, getting to 
the door wires *real* soon now
1988 GTI 16v, 198k, maybe a little too noisy to drive to Vail