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another "old" A6 avant inspection question

Hi list,

I have this friend. After multiple summer and winter rides in my 200q20v 
multiple service visits by his fairly-new GMC 6.5TD pickup, he is wanting a
quattro wagon. I have told him as much as I know about the relative merits
of '91-> avants (3B/5spd vs. early V6 issues/some auto tranny weirdness). 
He located a '95 A6 Avant here in Boise at Peterson (the local dealer), but
was only in town for a couple days on business (going back to Idaho Falls,
where I recently moved from) and wants me to go have a look at the car as
the most Audi-knowledgeable person he knows. I agreed to go do this last 
Thursday, only to be told that the wagon in question had been borrowed by a 
salesman for a little 4-day weekend trip to Missoula (~700mi round trip). 
Hmmm - guess if it comes back it's in pretty good shape? Supposed to be 
back tomorrow, but I won't have time to see it for several days now.

Can the list recommend anything in particular to look for, specific to
the C4 wagon? I have been focusing on the last of the type 44s myself, but
know to ask about oil consumption and watch for shifting flares.

Henry Harper (digest subscriber who reads from work)
1991 200 quattro, 105k, a/c 1.5 pounds heavier (wallet $$ lighter)
1988 GTI 16v, 198k, headliner sagging precipitously