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Re: I got the Coupe GT! (& adios 5kt...)

<<It's strange... this Coupe seems much more in tune with what I'm after in a 
car than the 5kt was.>>

	I've found the smaller cars to be much more "tossable" on the 
twisties. The bigger cars are much more stable at high speeds. Basically it 
boils down to quick versus fast. 
	The 4K size cars are quick off the line, quick through the corners. 
The 5K cars have higher top speed and have a wonderful stability through high 
speed corners. I have felt that the 5Ks reacted slowly when I tried to make 
corrections. (Which is logical due to the difference in mass between the two 
cars.) Then, on the other hand, I usually "over-correct" in the 4Ks.
	They are two completely different driving systems, and I like them 
both. Just have to make sure I have my head screwed on properly for whichever 
one I'm in at the moment...