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Re: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

> BTW, do Euro-style sectioned traffic lights with arrows exist anywhere
> in the USA? All I've seen so far were gazillions of individual traffic
> lights hanging above each lane with separate 3-unit lights for turns
> making the intersections look like Christmas trees with stupid sighs
> like: "left turn light" etc. Confusing.

Yes, they have them around here in WA.  But most of the one light per
lane are round.  At least they are usually directly in line with
the lane.

> Oh, one more thing which is a big contributor to accidents in the
> intersections around here: traffic lights are placed after the
> intersections, not before them like in Europe. For someone who was born
> and raised as a driver in Europe and has this "stop at the traffic
> light" rule deeply engraved in his subconsiosness, driving through an
> intersection at night if the white stop line is not painted and if the
> intersection is of a rural variety without curbs and sidewalks having
> the traffic light after the intersection is an invitation for
> overshooting the intersection on red. Don't ask me how I know this.

They do tend to be all over the place... swinging in the wind on a
cable, on a diagonal arm across the intersection.  Sometimes even
on the corners.

Then there is one intersection here that I still haven't worked out.
Your are going N, one road comes in from the NW, another from the E.
The road from the E has a stop sign and no light!  There is a
very faint stop line before the road to the E...  I can't remember
what the crosswalks do, but I think it's strange too.
Where do you stop?  Before the road to the E, or do you pull up and block
it?  I've seen both.  This one gets run a lot... 'where do I stop?
Here?  No There?  Oh Sh*t, too late!'.

BTW, here, you can often guage the green to yellow transition from
the crosswalk signs.  A flashing 'don't walk' is often immediately
followed by solid don't walk at the same time as the light in the
same direction goes yellow.  Not all of the lights do it, but a
good proportion do.