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Re: I got the Coupe GT! (& adios 5kt...)

MHLIGGINS@aol.com wrote:

> <<It's strange... this Coupe seems much more in tune with what I'm after in a
> car than the 5kt was.>>
>         I've found the smaller cars to be much more "tossable" on the
> twisties. The bigger cars are much more stable at high speeds. Basically it

that's different for the later small cars (US 80/90).  after having nearly back
to back highway drives recently in a 20v200 and my 20vCQ, the 200 was so much
easier to throw around through traffic.  i could certainly tell the CQ is
physically smaller, and would ultimately corner faster - rewarding the additional
effort (tires playing a big factor too) but the big 200, like the S4, was the far
_easier_ car to drive in a, shall we say, spirited fashion.  of course the
fabulous 20v turbo motor plays no small part in that...



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