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Re: California and florida License Plates??

Igor wrote:

>Ah, you took my idea and implemented it! :-)
>Some 8 years ago I asked my friend to bring my Leningrad plates over
>here for me. Would've been cool to have the standard European black
>letters and numbers on a white field plate but with the "exxxxLD" in
>Cyrillic lettering. Alas, it was not meant to happen. 
>Now it's too late as I see cars with the  Russian, Ukranian, Latvian
>plates all over Philly. Damn!

Up until the government here in Manitoba decided front license plates were essential to prevent rampant crime, my dad was driving what's now my car with the original German transit plate that was on the car when he picked it up in Wolfsburg on the front.  We've got a few Polish license plates (also used on the car at one point) we could put on the front as well, if that stupid front license wasn't attached.

Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS