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window wisdom?


ok so my CQ windshield is so sandblasted as to be brutally dangerous.
going to have to suck it up and replace it before a very expensive
misadventure occurs while i'm blinded by oncoming lights in the rain.

what's the consensus on sources for glass and installation?  won't do it
myself for a variety of reasons (foremost being time and competence) but
have had varying luck in the past with glass shops regarding quality of
installation and glass.  among other things, i've had cheap generic
replacements that seemed to be extra soft and sandblasted too quickly -
should i pay for 'premium' glass?  should i use *ga$p* factory glass?
what about installers?  would like to avoid one of those installations
that not only leaks but has oozing black sealant goop everywhere.

thanks in adv




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