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CGT Restoration Update

14 cans of penetrating fluid and 52 margarine/ice cream containers 
later...finished stripping coupe down to the pan this morning.  Although 
the car sat in unheated garage for 9 years no body rust.  Wiring will be 
replaced since corrosion was prevalent everywhere - its amazing what 
seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations can do.

Lots of pictures/sketches have been taken and detailed explanations of the 
restoration process will follow  - but I have to first learn how to create 
a Website.

Shell to be stripped, cleaned and dipped in September.  Will have 
interior/engine compartment powder coated in October (thanks for the idea 
Huw) with re-assembly to commence by November.  Everything from the 
bushings down will be replaced or upgraded so lots of dumb "what if and how 
to" questions to follow.

I'm taking a year off work in December so I've been told to finish this 
project by June of next year.  The job jar is full and the wife and I will 
be finally kidless (she wants to go on an extended road trip - a hormonal 

Still haven't decided on engine.  Have a 20vt (complete incl. electronics 
and fuel delivery system) and access to a 10vt as well.  Some have 
expressed concern about putting a 20vt in the little fwd coupe.  I have to 
decide soon so if I need to make any pan/body modifications I would like to 
get those done in advance of having the shell dipped.  Your 
thoughts/insight/feedback would be appreciated.

I will also need assistance in strengthening the drive-train and front-end 
so again thoughts/insight/feedback appreciated.

And yes it will be painted imola yellow...

Don Muirhead
'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2