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RE: Coilovers

	The coilover setup is related mainly to the springs and the spring
perches.  The origional spring perches are shaved off so a threaded collar
can be put over the strut housing.  On this threaded collar is a new spring
perch whose height can be adjusted by turning it up and down the threaded
collar like a bolt.  The adjustable perch is tightened down with a hex screw
on the side.  The new perch is much smaller in diameter than the origional
spring perch.  The new perch on my setup (2Bennett) fits the Eibach racing
spring diameter.  That way the owner can choose a spring rate and length to
their preference.  Also with the ability to raise and lower the spring
perch, the owner can adjust the ride hieight of the vehicle.  I hope that
helps you understand it.  If you are considering doing it, I recommend it
because it so customable.

Mike Robinson
1988 90quattro
lots of mods

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> Can someone explain what coilovers are exactly?  I know they're part of
> the suspension (springs, presumably), but haven't seen anyone explain what
> they are in a year of reading the digests.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Mruss