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Re: intermittent buzzing flasher relay & A/C killing battery errata <-VIRUS ALERT!

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <379D3FE2.BC794B3A@worldnet.att.net> Igor Kessel writes:

> > May I ask you why have you sent an empty message with an attached
> > Happy.exe virus to me?
> Simple.  They got infected, and the quattro list was one of their
> last 50 email destinations.  Happ99.EXE almost always turns up here
> like this.

Yes but why was the message itself empty, containing just the virus as
an attachment?
Besides, it had only my name in TO: and nobody else in either CC: or

So unless happy.exe can send itself out on its own accord I see the
malicious intent from the owner of the said domain.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.