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RE: tupe 44 windsheild interchangability

Haudi Henry,

Having just replaced the windsheild on my '91 200q, helping my brother
who's in the business, I have to say you are chasing a red herring!  The
trim kit ($95) will be required, as it is destroyed during the removal.
My brother said that it was one of the hardest to remove, mostly because
of the trim, which wraps around the entire edge.  The chances of removal
without breaking it are very slim to less than none, even with
professional power tools and experience.  Although we weren't try to
take it out undamaged, it broke on both lower front corners, and was a
major bitch!

On another note, if you are paying cash, try negotiating.  Windsheilds
are a scam.  Mine was quoted at around $1500 for OEM, and $750 for a
generic.  My brother says cost is around $75.  Talk to several shops and
see what they can do for you, you might be surprized!  BTW, I went with
the generic, and except for the 4 rings missing in the corner, fit was
very good.  Good luck!

John Cassidy

8 rings
40 valves
6 doors
6 differentials