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Re: window wisdom?/replacing windshields

In a message dated 7/27/99 12:27:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
johnc@together.net writes:

<< ok so my CQ windshield is so sandblasted as to be brutally dangerous.
 going to have to suck it up and replace it before a very expensive
 misadventure occurs while i'm blinded by oncoming lights in the rain.
 what's the consensus on sources for glass and installation?  won't do it
 myself for a variety of reasons (foremost being time and competence) but
 have had varying luck in the past with glass shops regarding quality of
 installation and glass.  among other things, i've had cheap generic
 replacements that seemed to be extra soft and sandblasted too quickly -
 should i pay for 'premium' glass?  should i use *ga$p* factory glass?
 what about installers?  would like to avoid one of those installations
 that not only leaks but has oozing black sealant goop everywhere.

just did this on my '86 5kTQ. 
im not sure how the coupes windshields are installed, but on the typ44's 
theyre glued in there.  a real bitch to get out. 
if you have to cut your windshield seal, then you MUST repaint the area 
around the windshield (i used POR-15) or you WILL be sorry, later (in a few 
years, when the whole area surrounding your windshield seal is rusting away)
people have their windshields replaced, and they dont think about all the 
paint that is scraped off to the bare metal, while the windshield is being 
cut out.  Most windshield replacement shops cut your seal out, and just 
re-install the new windshield over the bare metal.  thats what the PO did, in 
my case, and i was forced to remove a good windshield and sand, prime, and 
repaint the whole A-pillars, and up to the sunroof on my TQ because of rust 
creeping from under the seal.  And that 3 step pearl white paint is a bitch 
to paint... 
oh..and i had to get a new windshield seal, the kind you have to tap on (the 
little crimps) and i broke the windshield when tapping the seal on, so i had 
to get another (used) windshield...
anyway, finished result looks great, but all this headache could have been 
avoided if the paint was touched up prior to reinstalling the windshield the 
first time.