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RE: Coilovers

The setup is not reversable on the same stuts housings.  To reverse the
process you would need to install new or used original  On the other hand
you could always order the Eibach springs in the stock spring rate.  then
would you have the customabality of ride height but the feel of stock
springs.  The original spring perch is what gets shaved off, it is the
circular piece upon which the stock springs rest.

Mike Robinson
1988 90q coilovers and more

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> >	The coilover setup is related mainly to the springs and the spring
> perches.  The origional spring perches are shaved off so a threaded collar
> can be put over the strut housing.  
> Is the setup reversible? What is being shaved off?
> thanks
> Russ
> '93 90cs