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FW: Stranded ur-Q conclusion (spoiler)

From: "Kevin Bent" <kbent@western.wave.ca>
To: Qlist <quattro@audifans.com>
Subject: Stranded ur-Q conclusion (spoiler)
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 1999, 8:16 pm

Note to Dan: I never saw the second chapter of my tale of woe make it to the
list.  Sent it 10 hours ago.
Recap:  My 83 ur-Q died with no warning while driving down the street.  No
dash warning lights, no starter, no headlights, no juice anywhere but the
radio, dash clock and power door locks.  Eight hours later it magically came
back to life and I drove all over town today trying to manifest the problem
again.  It faithfully died (!) late this afternoon and my mechanic and I
started looking.
Thanks again to all who suggested options but the diagnostic awards go to
John Karasaki and John Corbishley for "a contained fire behind the fuse
box".  There was an odd shaped plastic connector that involved 5 wires going
into this complex connector, with the end result of joining them together. 
This had melted down but apparently there was still enough bare wire that it
would bridge and cause an intermittent problem.  Some new splicing later the
car roars to life.
Note to self: Phone Audi dealer tomorrow and cancel S4 order 
Kevin Bent
83 UrQ - phoenix-like
"the way I drive I don't worry about my cholesterol"