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Re: removal of Ground effects on an '86 4kcsq

> I need to remove the rear ground effects off my 86 4000's rear bumper.  I
> can't find out how it comes off.  please let me know if you know how to
> remove it.

I suppose you mean the bumper cover.  It's all one piece,  and it will
come off, don;t count on being able to put it back on well unless you're
lucky.  Anyway, remove the bumper - 6 nuts in trunk, down by frame
rails.  Then the entire assembly will slide backwards off it's mounting
clips.  If you now want to remove the plastic, there are about 20 tabs
that stick thorugh into the metal bumper, squish them with a pliers and
they will pop out, but not very easily (have to get a fe win a row for
it start moving).  Pretty soon you will have the plastic cover off the

If yous is damaged I'd recommend just getting another whole bumper
assembly used, should be about $100, paint it and put it on.

Unless you have some other, interesting reason you'd like to share with

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT