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Getting Serious ...

Hello all!

Well, the Monterey Historics are a month away, and as far as I know there
are no "Audifest" activities planned!  Yes, of course I'm aware of all of
the festivities that have been put together under the coordination efforts
of QCUSA ... but by "Audifest" I mean an event for the audifans.  Is there
any interest in doing something special for the qlisters?  I wonder how many
folks on the qlist are planning to attend the Monterey Historics?  Perhaps
if the listers who are planning to attend could reply to me via direct
e-mail to tell me when they will be in the area for the event, whether or
not they are members of AQCUSA, and if they were interested in meeting
somewhere (on track or off) at sometime to shoot the breeze ... or whatever,
then I'll compile the results to see how many folks are coming and how much
interest there is ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... and another topic for the "AF" list ... at one time there was a rumor
that Audi would have some sort of racing cars at Indianapolis next year.  Is
this still anticipated to be true?  If so, I'd like to see us start talking
about AF00 to occur at that event ...