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RE: Coilovers

Robinson, Michael/SJC decided to speak these words:

>The setup is not reversable on the same stuts housings.  To reverse the
>process you would need to install new or used original  On the other hand
>you could always order the Eibach springs in the stock spring rate.  then
>would you have the customabality of ride height but the feel of stock
>springs.  The original spring perch is what gets shaved off, it is the
>circular piece upon which the stock springs rest.

Actually, when i just did the coilovers on my UrQ, i did it in such a way 
that it just might be reversable.  I cut the weld just at the point where 
the spring basket started, so that it can e re-welded if desired.  I made 
sure i did a very clean job of it, because of the rarity and value of the 
UrQ strut housings....

I have all of the parts still and plan to keep them if i ever choose to 
reverse the procedure, which i dont plan on since i like the handling